DarkOrbit Reloaded - UBA Seasons

Get ready for the ultimate showdown in DarkOrbit’s monthly UBA Seasons! From the first day until the last day of each month the most skilled pilots have the chance to prove their prowess by going head-to-head against other elite fighters to become Arena Champion. Fantastic rewards are up for grabs, including exclusive Goliath ship designs!

Once the Season ends, the top 50 placed pilots will receive special Arena titles. Depending on where they finish in the top 50, players will gain other prizes including Booty Keys, Uridium and, for those placed in the top three, exclusive Golden, Silver or Bronze Goliath ship design will be booked.

The player who tops the ranking at the end of the month will be awarded a special Arena Champion Badge to proudly show off. This emblem can be displayed for a month until the following Season ends, when the winner of that ranking will be awarded the Badge.