Seafight gears up for a momentous year ahead

With the pirate MMO Seafight turning nine years old last March, all focus quickly moves to the planning and preparations for the milestone 10th Birthday next year! More than 42 million registered players will be looking forward to the celebrations set to take place on 18th March, 2016.

Seafight is the perfect example of a long-running and successful action game: “There are only a few online games which can maintain constant success over such a long period,” says Jan Yves Josten, the Producer of Seafight. “We owe this success to our passionate players for whom we develop new and exciting content and events on a weekly and monthly basis.”

With around 30 team members, Seafight’s development team based in Hamburg, Germany, tries to closely coordinate with the fan community as much as possible. The results of which are new and thrilling quests, regular tournaments with prizes as well as new ships and equipment with which to survive PvE and PvP battles.

Since the release of the so-called Transmo System, players have been able to set-up their ships quicker and more easily than ever before whilst PvP fighters regularly compete against thousands of opponents in the recurring Death Fights event. For those who want a piece of the action, simply log into today.